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V-Track is a cloud hosted SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) web application that provides security-guarding companies to have a complete control & management over their deployed manpower on various site locations across different cities & time zones.

V-Track is based on NFC technology; guard tour verification, incident reporting and time clocking application that will improve the service quality and reestablish a better internal business control.

Interactive dashboard gives 360 degree view of the real-time projects status, which is ultimate necessary for current fast growing security needs. In one view a project supervisor, control centre administrators able monitor and manage all the sites within his/her portfolio. V-Track is a guard tour tracking software provides rich interactive user interface displaying the graphical icons of all the tour stations, and a moving icon denoting the guard on the move from one station to another. All tour station that has been listed shall change its color for easy monitoring and management.

Supporting the report and dashboard, the integrated scheduler automates the background processing tasks based on time, data and logic, including invoking the automated functions like SMS, predefined audio messages to all or group of security guards on duty. Enterprise integration is supported via message queue to receive external event trigger to achieve real-time activation for operational monitoring and alerting needs.